The Green Goggles

The Green Goggles by Kris SheatherThe Green Goggles by Kris Sheather

Who gives a kid socks for his birthday?
Pete’s birthday isn’t looking too bright until he unwraps a present from his Grandpa –

A pair of green goggles!

When he puts them over his eyes his world transforms!

Join Pete and his brave cat, Fluff, on an adventure into imagination.

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Type: Picture Book
Pages: 32
Format: Hardback
On Sale:  20/11/2016

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This picture book is aimed at children 2-6 years old, to encourage outdoor play, exploration and imagination.

“For children, research shows that close proximity to greenspaces is clearly associated with reduced prevalence ofdepression, anxiety and other health problems.Many researchers believe that outdoor play has long-termbenefits for physical, social, emotional and cognitivedevelopment and fosters a sense of identity, feelings ofautonomy, psychological resilience and healthy behaviours.Additionally, children who experience high levels of contactwith nature have higher levels of self-worth and highercognitive function.”

From the literature review of the project conductedby Deakin University Australia,Beyond Blue to Green: The Health Benefits of Contactwith Nature in a Park Context
Professor Mardie Townsend and Ms Rona Weerasuriya